Manong Guard [Behind the Scenes]

~ I’m back. :’D

YeNiel (Ate Ship)

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Not sure what the Nooks did to piss off Isabelle ⊟

But whatever it was, it must have been serious! Maybe Lloid can set up a campaign to fund a new Nookling Junction.

This scene was made possible by Bandai’s Impact Action accessories — check out all the hilarious and awesome setups people made with them here (NSFW ads). Via Muhplastic.

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Maja Salvador - Dahan-Dahan (Official Video Teaser)

I can’t wait for the full MV. ^^,


No Erase - James Reid x Nadine Lustre (Behind-The-Scene)

I'm just a third wheel, looking for a fourth.

I'm just a third wheel, looking for a fourth. This is my sanctuary for procrastination.
Because to be honest...

I am a procrastinator

And like all good procrastinators,
I work until the morning due.


I am an unstable romantic.
Filmmaking is my future
Lives in McNair Academic HS,
But goes to MSU

Likes: OPM, Nintendo, Teleseryes, Thoughtful Stuff, Films, Sincerity, You



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