Conventions: places where humanity can gather together and bask in the enjoyment of their similar interests.

These two Wreck-It Ralph cosplayers were chasing each other among the crowds of people. Ralph eventually caught up to Turbo and they talked as if they had known each other for years. This is the great thing about these conventions; it brings together people who may not know each other, but have a very keen interest in a movie, series, TV show, etc. and puts them on common ground for potential friendships.

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I'm just a third wheel, looking for a fourth.

I'm just a third wheel, looking for a fourth. This is my sanctuary for procrastination.
Because to be honest...

I am a procrastinator

And like all good procrastinators,
I work until the morning due.


I am an unstable romantic.
Filmmaking is my future
Lives in McNair Academic HS,
But goes to MSU

Likes: OPM, Nintendo, Teleseryes, Thoughtful Stuff, Films, Sincerity, You



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